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Ready...Set...RUN IN!

Participants with JUMP FOR JOY! learn both jumping and turning skills with single rope, long rope, double dutch, and freestyle.  As jumpers gain stamina and skill, they learn to combine individual tricks and jumps into routines that can be performed as a group in more public venues.  Youth meet graduated challenges as both individuals and teams that encourage focus, perseverance, and peer support.  

Opportunities exist year round to participate in jump-related workshops, festivals, area performances, camp, and non-jump outings with coaches beyond class.

JOIN US SATURDAY MORNINGS at The 29th Street Community Center in the gym located on the 2nd floor.  See details below.

The 29th Street Community Center

300 E. 29th Street

Baltimore, MD 21218



  • Participation is FREE to all youth, ages 5-18.

  • Coaches range in skill level and include active adults returning to the sport and others skilled in jump rope performance & competition and/or who are nationally ranked in specialties such as Double Dutch, speed jumping, freestyle, and pairs.  All love working with youth, and are screened via interview and criminal background checks.


What/When (Class Schedule)

  • Beginner class (Level I) runs Saturdays, 10:30am -12:00pm. The first 15 minutes are reserved for jumpers to arrive, remove coats and/or change shoes as needed, sign in, apply a name tag, say hi to friends and coaches, and begin warming up. Class formally begins at 10:45.

  • Intermediate instruction (Level II) runs Saturdays, 10:00 - 10:30am and continues through 12:00pm.  Jumpers break at 10:30 for 15 minutes, after which instruction resumes at 10:45 (together with Level I jumpers)  and continues through 12:00pm.  NOTE: Jumpers must be formally assessed by a Jump for Joy! coach and/or evaluated using a 'Skill Sheet' before moving to and participating in Level II instruction (or higher) at 10:00am.

  • All participants jump to music with frequent breaks for water and rest.

  • Parents/guardians/adults are invited to attend and watch class/practices from the bleachers and/or to drop off their child/ren and collect them again at noon.

  • Jumping outside of class to build stamina and strength and reinforce new skills is strongly encouraged.

  • Classes run year round with breaks at federal holidays, for 3-4 weeks in August (before Baltimore City Public Schools commence class), and 3-4 weeks in December (at the close of the Fall calendar year).


  • Parents must complete a class registration form for each jumper if they haven't already done so for another class their child(ren) may be taking through The 29th Street Community Center.

  • Blank registration forms are available during class on Saturdays and can be completed at the time a participant first joins. Forms may also be obtained at The 29th Street Community Center, Monday - Friday, 9:30-5:00. 



  • Ropes are available to all participants free of charge at every class. When loaned, ropes must be RETURNED at the end of class.

  • New jumpers who have attended FOUR successive classes are permitted to keep the rope they were 'loaned' permanently. 

  • At any time, jumpers are free to purchase a NEW beaded rope made with colors of their choosing. The cost is $7.00 payable in cash or check to  Jump for Joy!  Custom ordered ropes are generally available by the following week's class.  Participants interested in ordering a custom rope should speak to a coach about their interest and color preferences for beading.



  • Supportive sneakers work best for jumping together with shorts and a short-sleeve shirt.  Bare feet are NOT PERMITTED.  Sandals, flip flops, and boots are strongly discouraged.   In the colder weather, sweatshirt and sweatpants are recommended as the gym can be chilly to start.  A sweatshirt can be helpful for immediately after class. 

  • Personal water bottles are helpful, if available.  Labeling of all personal belongings encourages the return of lost property.


  • Regular communication to parents and jumpers about classes, upcoming events (performances, workshops, team celebrations, fundraisers), and class cancellation (due to inclement weather or holidays) is generally done both during class and via WEEKLY EMAIL before class on Saturday morning.  

  • Written paperwork is used when obtaining permission for offsite travel and transportation of children involving third parties.

  • Parents and guardians of all jumpers are welcome to voice concerns, questions, comments, suggestions, and praise in a constructive manner to any coach and/or directly to Ms. Landes at any time.


Volunteer coaches are welcome Saturdays 10:30am -12:00 to assist master coaches and more junior coaches working with JUMP FOR JOY! youth ages 5-18 to learn jumping & turning skills.  The atmosphere is easy and nonpressured.



Different Roles Possible

Turners – for inexperienced or experienced parties interested in turning long rope and/or Double Dutch but not jumping per se


Coaches – for more experienced jumpers & turners interested in working with youth in groups or 1:1 to teach Level I, II and higher jump & performance skills


Flexible weekly, biweekly, or monthly commitments are requested of volunteers as may be workable for a given individual. Absences for personal schedules are able to be (and regularly) accommodated.   


Plentiful, rewarding experiences with energetic Baltimore youth and fellow coaches await volunteers during class, local performances, workshops, and other non-jump-related outings.  

Please contact us if you have questions or would like to visit or volunteer.

Join the fun!
We look forward to seeing you and your jumper(s) soon!
Jump for Joy jump rope group Baltimore
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