2016 Photo Gallery

Abell Community Fair:  August 2016

The Abell Community Fair is a neighborhood street fair that provides a wonderful experience for JUMP FOR JOY! to connect with the community adjacent to our home at the 29th Street Community Center.

Waverly Village Fair:  August 2016

JUMP FOR JUMP! performed at the Waverly Village Fair bringing together Waverly, Ednor Gardens-Lakeside, Better Waverly, and surrounding neighborhoods.

OrchKids Green Festival:  July 2016

OrchKids is a year-round music program, during and after school, designed by the Baltimore Symphony.  The OrchKids Green Festival, successfully launched in 2015, is a project designed to continue the conversation about change – environmental, musical, and cultural.  JUMP FOR JOY! was thrilled to perform at the festival and enjoyed participating in the events of the day.

Walking Wellness and Wholeness Festival:  July 2016

JUMP FOR JOY! along with the Kangaroo Kids participated in the Walking Wellness Wholeness Meditation Walk and Festival in support of TuTTie’s Place.

Huntington Ridge Strawberry Festival:  June 2016

Hunting Ridge Presbyterian Church invited JUMP FOR JOY! to perform and partake in a celebration of spring and strawberries at their 2016 Strawberry Festival.

Loch Raven Hiking Trip:  April 2016

A group of jumpers and coaches hiked around the Loch Raven Reservoir to explore nature and discover

where Baltimore’s drinking water is sourced.

Kangaroo Kids Spring Festival:  March 2016


The 29th Street Community Center

300 E. 29th Street

Baltimore, MD 21218

Kimberly Landes

Program Director