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Community Partners

Below are some of the pivotal and beloved professionals and organizations that have made Jump For Joy possible in Baltimore.  Jumpers, coaches, and parents are most grateful for the support, talents, and sharing these parties have made known.  They are family.

Contact Us to discover ways Jump For Joy! may be able to partner with you!

The 29th Street Community Center (HOME!)

Warm and friendly, with open arms to all, The 29th Street Center has been home to Jump For Joy! since the Program's inception.  Formerly a Recreation Center closed (along with many others) by the City in 2011 during the Great Recession, the Center re-opened in May 2013 through matching funds from Strong City Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University, and the City itself.  Nearly 70% of the programming offered at the Center for both youth and adults is led by local residents.  Click on the name above to learn more about 29SCC programs, how you may enroll or lead your own program, and the remarkable space run for and by community. 

Kangaroo Kids

This veteran, non profit 'Precision Jump Rope Club' from Howard County walks its talk in promoting physical fitness and goodwill through jump rope.  Now in its nearly 40th year, Head Coach Jim McCleary, and many other Kangaroo Kids youth coaches and parents readily offered their care and counsel to Jump For Joy! after learning its start in 2014.  For 2.5+ years and continuing today, more than a dozen KKids have volunteered their time, talents, expertise, and love in leading & mentoring Jump for Joy! jumpers and coaches weekly on Saturday mornings, a relationship foundational to JUMP FOR JOY! and treasured by all.  Click above to learn more about the remarkable athletic and leadership achievements of the Kangaroo Kids and their organization. 

McKenzie Ditter, photographer, illustrator, writer, author, screen printer, former homesteader ... Is there anything McK. doesn't make or create herself?!

McKenzie Ditter is a local self-taught illustrator and family photographer whose nostalgic images with pen, ink, gouache & water, and photographs brimming with ease and naturalness delight all.  McKenzie has photo-graphed Jump For Joyers with her trademark warmth and authenticity. With some input from Kimberly Landes, she created Jump For Joy!'s logo to capture the group's urban energy, a unique paper cut that has excited and unified the team's youth. Click the link above to learn more about McKenzie's many extraordinary and charming talents and services.

Gloria Garrett, 'The 'Mother of Makeup Art'


A self-taught Baltimorean whose original work has graced The American Visionary Arts Museum (in Baltimore) and its gift shop for a decade, Gloria paints with used makeup - yes! - and other household items. Jump For Joy! is delighted to have partnered with her to produce a series of note cards, coasters, and 12-month calendar for mutual promotion and success. The vibrant colors of Gloria's art and unique themes & features are sure to make one smile. Click on the link above to view more of Gloria's happy style and abundant 'Art from the Heart.'

Paul Mintz, Watercolorist & Caricaturist


Native to Baltimore and wildly prolific at 83, Paul loves painting with water colors, pen & ink, on clothing, and in caricature.  His 'Poe's Raven' was one of three chosen by the Baltimore Museum of Art in a 2009 City-wide competition to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Edgar Allan's Poe's birth and hangs today in the Balti-more Museum of Art.  Jump For Joy! thanks Paul for partnering to produce note cards that showcase his warm and charming florals and birds.  Click above to see more of Paul's work.

Jose Prati, Printer & Owner

Jump For Joy-ers! so appreciate and thank Jose Prati at Commonground Screenprinting in Rockville, MD for making team T-shirts an exciting, affordable reality.  The group visually became a 'TEAM' through Jose's skill and caring.

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