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About Jump For Joy!


Jump For Joy! blends the fun and excitement of jump rope with the power of community caring to nurture fitness, goal setting, and positivity in Baltimore City youth.  


Weekly, at classes at Baltimore's 29th Street Community Center, master coaches team with coaches-in-training to guide youth, ages 5-18, in learning jumping, turning, and performance skills in single rope, long rope, Double Dutch and freestyle.  Through a collaborative leadership that models patience, respect, and commitment, youth meet graduated challenges as individuals and teams that engage, support, and excite while fostering pride, perseverance, and esprit de corps. 

Through a partnership at Strong City Baltimore’s newly renovated 29th Street Community Center drawing on student volunteers from Johns Hopkins University and master jump rope coaches from the Kangaroo Kids in Howard County, Kimberly Landes formed Jump For Joy! in February 2014.  It is a weekly instructional space for youth to grow, develop, be joyful, and thrive.


Jump for Joy! has engaged more than 100 youths in instruction on Saturday mornings, off-site workshops and festivals, local performances, and public demonstrations and promotions of jump rope.  The program is supported and guided by a coaching staff of roughly 20 individuals.


To learn more about the Jump for Joy! program or if you may be interested in joining, please see our Join Us page.

Jump for Joy jump rope group Baltimore
Jump for Joy jump rope group Baltimore
Jump for Joy jump rope group Baltimore
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